Keep me Safe Campaign...Why do fruit and Veg have to be bagged in Plastic Netting? Supermarkets UK

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Why is it necessary to package Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Garlic in plastic food netting.  There are more environmentally cheaper alternatives  available. Plastic Netting destroys marine life. Animals die by becoming ensnared in these. It is a slow torturous painful death.  Because of our discarded waste. Besides which they are annoying to cut open, annoying once they are opened and so difficult to recycle as they are light and fly everywhere grrr.  We have all seen images of animals and birds trapped in these horrible nets. I dont need to share these sad images to get my message across. Instead I have posted a pic of my kitten. I want to keep her safe. Why cant we keep all animals in nature safe? How would we feel if this was our human babies becoming ensnared and helpless? 

Lets face it - it is easier for producers to package for Supermarkets to use this type of packaging. Cheap, light. Makes them neat and tidy, visible. convenient. Once they are sold on they only worry about their profits and don't have to feel concerned for animal welfare. They have completed their end of delivery for our consumption. However we are all enlightened and know how our habits harm our wildlife and ourselves.  Lets put a stop to this. Educate yourself. Do your own research. Help me campaign for the UK to be the first to ban this type of food packaging and make it illegal to use plastic food nets and instead source biodegradable alternatives that are not a danger to animals.