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Want as many speed cameras and speed bumps in and around Newcastle to many accidents

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karen simonette passed away on the 17th july 1986 at the age of 4 years old. she lived at clipstone avenue walker, newcastle upon tyne. she left behind 3 brothers robert, michael, mark and 1 sister joanne. this was a result of a road traffic accident which happened on walker road. karen was a very happy little girl that left behind a lot of friends. karen was very excited because this was her last day in the nursery, as after the six weeks holidays she would have been moving up in the reception and could not wait as she would have been to play with her older sister joanne in the big yard. karen attended st.anthonys church of england primary school, pottery bank walker. a plaque for karens memory was placed in the school grounds. karens mam thinks of karen every minute of every day, and also baby alan who she lost after karen.
treasured memories of a loving daughter karen meet us in our dreams and stay with us a while and just before you leave let us see you smile we miss you so much karen loved and longed for every day from your broken hearted mam and dad from brothers robert micheal and mark and your big sister joanne.... here is my reason which should be good enough ? Now at that time there was no lights on walker road now i sit and think to my self every other day question my self if there was lights there on this day would things have been different would my sister still be here with me and all her family spending birthdays/Christmas together meeting her nephews and nieces aunties and uncles and more :/ the reason those lights stand on walker road today is because my mother opened a petition back then and they were then put in look at st Anthony's road ? I have a son who lives on that road 6 years old also his younger sister and I also have other friends on and a long that road with kids the road is so busy on a daily basis now there is not one speed camera or traffic light in sight I think this is totally wrong ! In many ways his friend just yesterday was hit by a bus yes a BUS now question your selfs and think over if we had a speed bump or 2,3 maybe 4 to 5 on this road would it have prevented this from happening ? Maybe so there yous have it my statement loud and clear #takethisintoconsoderation thank you.

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