Vote of no confidence in the UK government.

Vote of no confidence in the UK government.

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Started by Hayley Susan Ball

I want to show a vote of no confidence in the British Government. The Party held in No 10 Downing Street while the general public where once again subject to strict covid laws is the straw that broke the camels back. Time and time again we have seen a disregard for the rules they dream up. 

We have watched Dominic Cummings get away with breaking the rules.

We have watched SNP minister Margaret Ferrier get the train despite a positive covid test.

We have watched then health minister Matt Hancock have an affair with an aide while the rest of us are socially distancing. 

We have watched Boris Johnson visit a hospital and not wear a mask.

How many times do the people making the rules get to break them and not face any punishment.

The general public have sacrificed so much. We have not sat with dying family members in hospitals. We have not sat with our sick kids in hospitals. We have missed out on visiting sick or elderly relatives. We have missed out on weddings and funerals. We have watched as our businesses have folded with the pressures of covid rules. We have lost out on wages as we either couldn't work or had a reduced income. COVID has been an incredibly stressful time for alot of us. Yet we followed the rules.

My personal experience was that my daughter had a brain haemorrhage in July 2020. Despite her begging to have both parents in the hospital this wasn't allowed because of covid rules. The only time we went in together was when we were being given bad news. This was an horrific experience for us all. We sat apart while she went for numerous brain surgeries and she just wanted her parents. The long term consequences are already showing she is afraid of hospitals. We made these personal sacrifices yet, the UK government don't seem to be able to forgo having a party or a quickie. 

Now is time for a new Government, one who can LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Please sign if you agree we need them to take notice of the strength of public opinion on this.

38 have signed. Let’s get to 50!