UK Parliament: Make Vegan/Vegetarian Labeling Lawful

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Peter Egan
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Currently in the UK there isn't a legal requirement to clearly label foods and drink and Vegan, Vegetarian or not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. This can make it difficult and time consuming for vegans and vegetarians to know which foods and drinks are vegan and vegetarian. Therefore, having food manufacturers clearly state of their foods and drink 'Suitable for Vegans' 'Suitable for Vegetarians, but not Vegans', or 'Not suitable for either Vegans or Vegetarians' can make it easier for people to shop for food - it also makes the ingredients more transparent for the consumer. 

This petition is asking the UK government to make it a legal requirement for food and drinks manufacters to label their food as 'Suitable for Vegans' 'Suitable for Vegetarians, but not Vegans' and 'Not suitable for either Vegetarians or Vegans'.