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To comply with European Directive 2004/38/EC

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I am an UK citizen married to a Russian citizen.

France has granted my wife the right of residency (a carte de sejour) this entitles her to visit most EU countries without the need for a visa. European Directive 2004/38/EC ( )

The UK government will not fully comply with this directive but It will allow entry to the UK to anyone who has an Estonian or German certificate of residency. One can only assume that the Westminster government considers that other EU countries are too liberal when it comes to issuing certificates of residency.. This is an insult to the integrity of other EU States, in our case France. They are suggesting that France issues such documents without careful examination. I can assure  you that is not the case their enquiries are vigorous and searching.

My wife and I had intended visiting the UK later this year to visit friends and relatives but the UK Visa and Immigration Office has refused her a visa on the basis that she does not have her own financial means to fund a visit.

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that UK rules requiring visas for non-EU family members of EU citizens entering the UK are in breach of EU law and the matter has been referred to the High Court in London for final judgement. Procrastination by all the agencies involved affect many people who simply want to visit the UK. I implore you to support my petition to get the High Court to finalise its judgement and for the UK government to respect the Human rights of a family to be together.

We only want to visit, there's no way we'd intend settling in the UK

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