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Theresa May to resign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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As a country Theresa May promised us that we would not have another general election.When the polls were looking good for Theresa May she called a snap general election in which the result has put a Brexit negotiations in jeopardy. Theresa May was the defence minister and had knowledge of one of the London attackers going to Syria and yet did nothing leading to a fatal terriost attack on British soil. Theresa May was also a MP who wanted the UK to stay within the EU but yet has now got control of negotiations and this informs the british people that the deal might not be what we voted for on the 18th of June 2016. By Theresa May making the decision to call a snap general election she has proven to be untrustworthy and also has shown that she cares about her own personal success rather than help make the UK a prosperous nation again. To make this worse she has even decided going into coalition with the DUP and this is what Theresa May will do for power. With all of this happening I think Theresa May should resign and let someone who wanted Brexit to be in charge of negotiations to let the UK get the best deal possible.

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