The government and MHRA must reassess Covid Vaccine as suitable for breastfeeding parents

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As the mother of a 3 month old son, who I am breastfeeding, I am extremely concerned about the advice around not taking the vaccine.

Currently it is not advised for the Pfizer Vaccine to be given to lactating people. However, there is little evidence that the Coronavirus Vaccine has any plausible contraindications for the breastfed infant. We, the undersigned, would like the MHRA to consult with experts in lactation and infant health and reassess this decision. 

Many front line health workers, carers and general practitioners breastfeed their children. With the advice that the vaccine is not suitable for anyone who is providing breastmilk to an infant, the choice seems to be either wean their child, obfuscate the truth about their breastfeeding status, or forego what could be a lifesaving vaccine (and continue to pose a risk to other vulnerable people, friends and family members).  

The advice seems to be predicated on a lack of knowledge on the effects of the vaccine, in contrast to the known risks of the Coronavirus in terms of its mortality rate and the rate at which it causes serious damage to the body aside from killing its host. 

We would like the UK Government and the MHRA to reconsider this position and consult further with medics, pharmacists, IBCLCs and other scientists involved in the formulation of the vaccine to reconsider this overly cautious recommendation. 

This is absolutely key to ensure that breastfeeding relationships are not unnecessarily broken or that people decide not to take a vaccine that can help with the UK's herd immunity.