Teach anti-racism in schools!

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After recent events and murders of many people of colour around the world - most recently George Floyd - we have seen a small but slow waking up of the population to the horrific effects of racism in our society but it is far from enough. What many people have also noticed as a result of this is the unbelievable lack of understanding that many white people have towards racism, white privilege, white fragility and why they need to be anti-racist. 

The unlearning of racist behaviour should not be the work of POC alone it should begin in schools. Not only should children be taught about this but also about homophobia, transphobia, sexism, islamophobia and many other issues that are barely considered under the current UK curriculum. 

We are calling the government to take action and to put in strategies to stop this ignorance in people before it becomes too late. What was taught in PSHE lessons was not enough. This is evident as we see people remaining silent against racism becoming complicit and silently benefiting from a society that favours cisgender straight white men. 

We are calling them government to review and change the curriculum in UK schools to fight against hate, to fight for true equality and to fight for everyone.