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Take Care Of The Future Generation Teach Primary School Children Reiki/Energy Healing!

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As a collective consciousness, Consciously safeguarding the future of our children's mental and physical health,
Oneness and Consciousness development,
The Indigo Aspect Society explains how we can improve our futures well being and mind state with help from the Secretary of State for Education Rt Hon Justine Greening MP.
Teaching Reiki Healing in Primary Schools will be highly beneficial for pupils.

How Is Reiki Beneficial For Toddlers ...

Reiki for toddlers and school children can help in making their memory sharp and focused. They can also get healed bruises and serious conditions, like cracked bones or illnesses. Children usually get best impacts of Reiki on their body. They don’t think much about getting outcomes of Reiki and their innocence can allow energy to flow quickly. Just 10 minutes a day for them can get them relieved from any issues they face. They will become less hyper and their energy will be controlled in a better way. You can make your kid sit on your lap or on a chair, and engage them in some activity. The child will be busy in reading book or doing some activity and in the meanwhile, you can do a session with them. The use of video or audio is optional. Children may get immediate results and discuss about their mind or body state during their session. They might also see colors around their body.

How Is Reiki Beneficial For Children ...

Reiki can be beneficial for kids and even teenagers. It helps in dealing with stresses of body and mind. They should have a balanced body and find easiness for taking any sort of tests or activities. Reiki can help in energy balancing and calming emotions stuck in depression or anxiety state. Some children are willing to receive Reiki and others might not show any interest in it. The teenagers having no excitement about any Reiki session can do something else, while Reiki Master passes positive vibrations to them.
Reiki is practised on children throughout the world. Surveys depict that these are mainly on children aging 7-14 and have a short duration. Reiki can be learnt by children and they can get level 1 attunement to practice energy channelization on their own. They can develop interest in Reiki and even let their friends know about the positive impacts they get due to Reiki. Children interested in Reiki can get view of auras, light or colors sooner than others. The sensation of heat or cold is also felt by some children. The feedback of children is honest and heartwarming. Reiki is a kind of hug lasting for a lifetime on a person. Reiki can provide several benefits for children, mainly for the ones having different challenges. Reiki can reduce pains, promote healing and reduce any side effects of the treatments going on in a person. Reiki gives a loving therapy and responds a person with smile.
We are all able to send and receive Reiki/Universal Light Energy/Christ Consciousness with in a group of friends, near or far, taught to children and no IQ obligation or requirement to send/receive Reiki Healing, just self development and Meditation. Grounding techniques/Breathing excises /Relaxation techniques, very beneficial for victims of anxiety attacks, depression, stress, promotes/helps letting go of EGO. It costs nothing, just a few minutes a day of peace.
IAS puts it to You, the UK Government; The Secretary of State for Education, should work with your Foreign associations and arrange an upgrade in the school system for Reiki healing to be taught as part of the National Curriculum. This class/subject; healing technique can be taught in UK schools by Reiki Masters from the east and the west. This Method ''Usui Reiki Healing'' keeps us at peace and relaxed. It is also a great pain reliever. Children can be taught how to heal each other, be more relaxed and not stressed in class. This will help put a stop to Ritalin being prescribed to children diagnosed with ADHD, hyperactive disorder. Replace Ritalin with Reiki!
This will promote world peace too.

Take Care Of The Future Generation!
Teach Primary School Children Reiki Healing!

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