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Aiden Still Needs Your Signature, Aiden Still Needs Your Support!

This update has been a long time coming. It would be great to bring you the news that Aiden no longer needs your help and that he is allowed to live his life with the freedoms that he deserves, yet Aiden is still on bail, his life is still on hold. He is a young man who is unable to move on due to the charges hanging over him. Aiden was due to attend a court hearing early this year in Nottingham on July 20th. Just a few days before the hearing he was told that it was cancelled and has been postponed until October 2016. Another 3 months of waiting and another 3 months of Aidens life taken up by bureaucracy in this country. Other young men from The UK who have fought for the very same organisation that Aiden had, The YPG, have been allowed to return to The UK without questioning and without arrest or charges. As yet not one volunteer has been convicted of joining The YPG as they are not a terrorist group, they are supported by both The British and US forces. Aiden fought for 10 months against Evil, yet he will have been fighting against the British judicial system for just as long by the time his next court hearing. Every signature will help. At his next court hearing it will be printed and taken to the court to show those that are judging Aiden that people support his actions, that people do not see him as a threat or a terrorist. Aiden to many is a hero...he needs our help. Please sign and share x

Rachel emec
5 years ago