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Stop unfair fines being levied on the unemployed! Free dental treatment for all on JSA.

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There are two types of Job Seekers Allowance in the UK both of which provide the same amount to the claimant of £73.10 per week. I believe most are unaware of this. It certainly wasn’t pointed out to me when I applied for the benefit.

One is called Contribution based and the other, income based.

When it comes to free dental care only income based JSA entitles you to this.

When you claim JSA, having made regular NI contributions for the previous 12-18 months you are automatically put on contribution based JSA.

I made the mistake, as I’m sure many do, of signing for free dental care believing at this time there was only one version of JSA and that this entitled me to free dental care.

Two months later I received a demand from the NHS for not only for my dental treatment but a demand I pay a further £100 fine.

I asked politely if they would waive this fine, they would not. In fact, having told me they would send me a letter to request a staged payment programme which they did not, they have now sent an additional demand with a further £50 fine for non-payment within 28 days.

Now, I can’t believe that I am the only person this is happening to. Checking on the internet the UK Government have employed this tactic to essentially extort money from the unemployed of the UK as far back as 2012.

Please sign my petition if you believe all UK citizens receiving JSA benefits both income and contribution based should be entitled to free dental care and that any UK citizens that have been forced to pay fines connected with this practice should have their money returned.

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