Stop the unnecessary 'National Child Measurement Programme' which is taken in schools.

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I recently was asked by my son's school if I would like to take part in the National Child Measurement Programme. I thought this was an interesting thing and allowed for them to measure and weigh my four year old son. I received a letter from the NHS telling me what his height and weight was four months prior.

It read; 

'These results suggest that your child is overweight for their age, sex and height. If your child is overweight now they are more likely to grow up to be overweight as an adult.'

They sent me a leaflet, 'Change 4 Life'. I have always looked at their tips from the moment my son was born. It shocks me that people do not do this anyway. On a daily basis I encourage my child to eat healthy. I give him plenty of exercise, as my partner and I are keen to keep active ourselves. 

I must say, my son is far from being over weight and have been told by my own doctor.

This leaflet is condescending to those parents who actually put the effort into making sure their child has a varied diet, and healthy life style. Do not get me wrong, I allow sweets 'sometimes', but life without treats is no life at all. 

I am asking people to sign this petition to stop this program being forced into schools. Labelling children as 'underweight' or 'overweight'. This money can be used for something else and would not be wasted. We hope! If there is a problem, that is what the doctors are there for. The schools can use their own initiatives to see a child in need. This process takes the child out of class, interrupting lessons, to then send out letters that are unpersonal and rude! 

This program, I believe, is wasted tax payers money. It can go towards helping children and their parents in a better way, not the way that it has been. They bang on about children being self conscious about body image, they are creating some of it themselves. 

Please sign this petition so this unnecessary wasted program and wasted money can benefit our children in a better way. 


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