Stop the illegal export of riot equipment to the United States from the UK.

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I am calling for the UK government to end the export licenses for millions of pounds of anti-crowd gas, riot equipment, so-called “rubber bullets” and other small arms to the US.

This needs to stop. It has become blatantly clear in the wake of the murder of George Floyd that these weapons are now being used to not only quell peaceful protests but actively incite violence and attack journalists who have clearly identified themselves.

It is my understanding that the recent use of this equipment in the US to target peaceful protestors and journalists goes directly against the consolidated criteria written by Department for International Trade, a set of rules used to determine the likelyhood of a weapons export being used illegally and as a result it is now no longer legal for this export to continue.

It has also become clear from the numerous targeted attacks on media that the police aim to restrict the free press using methods of violence and intimidation.

It is truly sickening to see these weapons being used to blind, beat and choke peaceful protestors who are campaigning for the most basic of rights and to be treated as equals.