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Started by libby beddows

I completely agree that people have the right to access whatever vaccine they want but to force a vaccine upon someone just so they can keep their career? 
supposedly 60,000 plus NHS staff have not had a first covid vaccine dose yet. What happens if us 60,000 still choose to not take the vaccine? 
the NHS is severely struggling with understaffing already so it is my belief that sacking all of those people would cripple the NHS more so than it is already. 
the knock on effect from care home workers being let go is already happening. The nhs is struggling to find staff and beds for these care home patients that are meant to be returning to the homes but cant due to unsafe staffing issues. 
this is affecting hospitals in a way where they cant carry out life saving operations and are struggling to give the best care possible due to staffing. 
the conservatives are rolling out a big plan for recruiting retired staff out of retirement. This is their way of preparing to sack those 60,000. 

rather than forcing the vaccine why dont the government roll out a plan to have official PCR covid tests done every 14 days on each nhs employee. That would be better protection for patients. Staff who have had the vaccine can still pass on the virus without even knowing especially if they have no symptoms. 

the NHS & care homes wont be the end of it either. They will make it mandate for people to have the vaccine to go out to the pub, cinemas, shopping, uk holidays…it will be an endless list of what us unvaccinated cant do. 
now please tell me, does that sound like a free democratic country to you? 

if you agree with freedom of choice then please sign this petition today. 

148 have signed. Let’s get to 200!