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Stop Iosif KOBZON and other members of Kremlin's cheerleading team from entering the UK or any other democratic country

Iosif KOBZON is a locally famous Russian singer from the Soviet era, always deeply politically and ideologically engaged with the ruling regime. Today he is an active member of the so called "parliament" - the State Duma, which is one of the numerous branches of the Kremlin's totalitarian power.

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Despite his Ukrainian origins, KOBZON has aggressively supported the recent annexation of Crimea by Kremlin's military forces and has publically backed the ongoing aggression against the eastern Ukraine.

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KOBZON and others have been recently forbidden from entering the Latvian territory because of their public political activities.

Press release from Latvian MFA

KOBZON was also denied a USA entry visa on multiple occasions because of his allegedly close ties with Russian organized crime.

KOBZON is announced to participate in a show scheduled on October 21st in London together with another politically engaged performer called Valeria, who also has been declared persona non grata in Latvia.

The UK government should not allow such person as KOBZON or Valeria on the UK soil

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