Stop Cyber Bullying & Online Trolling

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No individual, whether they are a celebrity or not, should be made to feel that there is no other way out of their pain but to commit suicide.

Social media bullying and trolling has gotten out of control. Anonymously, individuals can target a person relentlessly, to the point where their mental health cannot process any more. Unfortunately, it is now not unusual to hear of a person taking their own life, being driven to breaking point by forced intrusion and digital interrogation. Social media has become a frenzied feeding ground for negative comments, judgement and statements, from which individuals cannot hide from.

Cyber bullying and social media has already claimed too many lives. This has to stop and be recognised, with individuals being punishable. Social media needs to be more controlled, so that senseless deaths are avoided, or that people can report and receive support which resolves the situation.