Stop cutting disabled people's life-saving social care

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My name is Jo, and I’m mother to Darcie who is autistic. I also run the Norwich Branch as a volunteer of the National Autistic Society. I've seen the harm that Government cuts to social care have caused, so I’ve started this petition for urgent care funding so our loved ones can have the decent life they deserve. 

The cuts to social care are having an impact on my daughter’s wellbeing and my mental health. Myself and others are worn out and tired - we are unable to be the best carers possible. We aren’t asking for luxuries, just to live with dignity. Without the help and support of services, families like mine are being forgotten. 

Like thousands of others across the country, members of our branch and the people we support didn’t get the social care support we needed before the pandemic, like help with getting washed, dressed and eating. Now, this is only getting worse because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The people we support can’t always live an independent life and all too often end up lonely or isolated, or even in mental health crises in the worst cases. And it’s not just happening to autistic people – disabled people and older people all over the country are seeing this happen to them too. But so many of us are struggling behind closed doors and as carers we’re left to pick up the pieces.

We’re not getting the support we need because our council, like councils up and down the country, just haven't been given the money by Government to provide these services. This isn’t a luxury, it’s what our loved ones need to live a decent life.

2 in 3 autistic adults don’t get this crucial basic support and across England over 1.5 million disabled people, older people and their unpaid carers are living without the right care. That means hundreds of thousands of families are picking up the pieces and are let down when they most need help. This can’t go on. 

If the Government doesn’t act now to plug the huge gap in funding, things are only going to get worse for all of us. In a time where everything is so stressful, this is pushing families like mine to the edge emotionally. As it is, we’re just about surviving.

There’s a simple way we can stop things from getting even worse; the Government has to invest more money into social care now.

Please join us in fighting for more funding for social care by signing.