Stop banks from freezing accounts and confiscating money

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Banks 'namely' Barclays have the power under the terms that customers sign to freeze your accounts, take as long as they wish to 'investigate' a transaction and then confiscate your money whether it is illegal or not. I have read shocking stories online from published articles in newspapers and news stories about people with a lot of money and some with less having to live from food banks and whom have lost their homes due to these 'freezes'. 

My case has meant that I have not been able to pay my bills, rent, employee's salaries, business and personal expenses and have also lost a house that I was due to move in to. 

At the moment I have received no explanation to the issue and am in the process of paying a top lawyer a lot of money to try to take this to court for me.

I understand that Fraud is a serious issue, and of course banks and other institutions need to be able to protect themselves from crime, however is there no right to be able to live and survive and especially pay other people whose livelihoods rely on their income from you to be able to access funds. 

Surely there should be action taken after a court trial when you are proven guilty, and not just as soon as something slightly out of the ordinary happens. 

It has caused on this occasion (it has happened to me before with the same bank, Barclays) cause me to lose my new house, not be able to pay my employees, not be able to pay tax and other vital bills and lose access to services and supplies that myself and my family need. 

Not only do they do this to you, but they do NOT tell you why, or ask you for evidence, or ask for your side of the story. For me it has been 14 days, and I am still none the wiser, and have no idea when I will have access to my accounts, funds or be able to pay bills again. 

So many people have been affected by this but there is "nothing they can do, as it's with the fraud team" Why do the make people phone them, then tell them to go into branch and then tell them there is nothing they can do? It's completely dumbfounded and selfish. Meanwhile, I do wonder who benefits from the interest of these "frozen" funds whilst they still have the audacity to charge you for failed payments. 

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