Stop animals suffering for fur! Commit to a #FurFreeBritain!

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Join me in calling on the UK Government to ban fur sales, and commit to a #FurFreeBritain!

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a terrified animal confined to a tiny wire cage, waiting to die? I have. In 2019 I went undercover with animal charity Humane Society International/UK to expose the cruelty of fur farms in Finland. Nothing could have prepared me for the suffering I witnessed there. It was far worse than I ever imagined! We found tiny fox cubs struggling to walk across wire mesh cage floors, dead mink,  and animals suffering from untreated wounds including a live mink whose head was partially cannibalised by cage mates. It was absolutely sickening.

The UK banned fur farming two decades ago and ordered the final fur farm to close its doors back in 2003. That was a great achievement. But since then the UK has continued to import and sell fur from fur farms in other countries, like Finland where I visited. I believe that if it is too cruel to farm fur in the UK, then it is too cruel to sell it here too. I really don’t believe that anyone who has seen the state of these poor animals – terrified and trapped in tiny cages – would ever wear fur again.

So, I’m fully supporting HSI/UK’s #FurFreeBritain campaign and asking our politicians to take a stand against fur cruelty by banning its sale.

TAKE ACTION! Please sign this petition and help urge the UK government to implement a UK fur sales ban!