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Stay but Reform

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When we were asked to vote for or against Brexit in the referendum, we were given a choice of 'in' or 'out'. I know many people who voted to stay 'in' but who did so despite great reservations, due to their opinion that things in the EU need to change. I also found many who voted 'out' who would not have voted that way had there been the option to stay in the EU as long as it was reformed to take account of their key concerns. Had there been three options...

1. 'Stay'  

2. Stay but Reform  

3. Leave

...then I am convinced that many would have voted for option - Stay but Reform

I believe it is what almost all want and we need to think seriously about what we are doing right now. We were forced into a black and white decision for something that has all shades of grey. We were asked to use a board for two-dimensional chess to play this game that has many dimensions. 

We need another referendum. The young deserve to have their voices heard. The Government under Theresa May does not have a clear mandate and to keep saying 'the people have spoken, then so be it' makes no sense. We were given very little accurate information from either side and it is like asking someone to decide what to eat while telling them lies about what is actually in it. We deserve better. Whether it remains a vote to Brexit, Stay but Reform or just Stay is neither here nor there. We need three options to allow it to reflect the true feelings of the public. There is no enthusiasm right now for another referendum, but voter fatigue must be set to one side for now as, if we make the wrong decision, we will have 50 years to be fatigued. Let’s all buckle down and have a proper non party political debate; then have a vote with three options. If the Stay but Reform option were to win it must have the conditions attached clearly as to what that means. I suggest these would be as follows:

-       That we do not have unlimited freedom of movement across EU member countries. It will be limited to a cap, that being an agreed percentage of our population size.

-       We will be allowed to exceed the cap if we wish to, but it must be signaled one year in advance. The number of non-EU immigrants will also be capped at a level agreed with the EU by each member Government. Non-EU immigrants will not have the automatic right to enter other EU countries until 5 years have passed for all members of their family during which the bread winners must have been in paid employment for a minimum of three years in total.

-       The employment law system must change to allow some countries to have different regulations; rights across Europe will therefore continue to be different.

I am convinced that the majority of people will decide to ‘Stay but Reform’. If the reform does not take place within a seven-year period (this allows all governments in each country to have time to agree) then we leave the EU if that is what we want to do.

It is uppermost in my mind that there were many, who were over 60 years of age, that voted to Brexit and made a decision impacting on those much younger than themselves for a period that will last long after they have stopped living. The young did not vote in sufficient numbers and those that did not, need to look to themselves only. We can, however, give them all a second chance to enjoy the over 70 years of peace in Europe that has followed the second world war for most of us, and to be able to work anywhere in Europe, thus enjoying an enriched life and cultural exchange. In the UK, we must look after our own disadvantaged better. Many were told it was EU membership that was at the root of our problems, so perhaps it was no surprise that the 'disillusioned' voted to Brexit. I believe the truth to be the opposite, the EU has the ability to help the disadvantaged but nevertheless, it is up to the UK to do that and not lay the blame at the door of the EU.

I do not hide the fact that I voted to Stay. I do not hide the fact that I live part of my life in France. I do not hide my love of being Scottish, British and European. Despite all of that, I will accept the decision of a new referendum if we are given three choices. We must all sign this petition to demand that there be a new referendum in September 2017. We can make it happen, the young, the not so young and the very not so young. It is our future, it is too important to leave it to the politicians; of which I am not one.

So to the UK Government, those signing this petition ask that a new referendum is held in September 2017 and that we are given three options for our vote:


Stay but Reform


I have taken the url staybutreform.com and will soon be using this to campaign further. I ask for your support.

Thanks to all who may support this petition. 

Peter McGrail (60)


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