Save plastic waste - E-Liquid Bottles

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E-cigarettes: regulations for consumer products came in force on 20th May 2017 with a bottle size for e-liquid containing nicotine of just 10ml .Before the TPD e-liquid manufactures mainly sold the flavours in 30ml or 100ml bottles some were upto 500ml which brings me to the amount of plastic waste we now have in the e-liquid world.

E-liquid in 100ml bottles for the customer as they liked this flavour and it was cheaper to buy in bulk there was only 1 plastic bottle that was thrown away in the bin and now with the new rules TPD they have to be in 10ml bottles and we have now an extra 9 plastic bottles being thrown away.

When the 100ml bottles were allowed to be sold some customers reused this size bottle upto 10 times before the dripping nib lost his tight fit.

Please sign this petition if you agree we should get this changed to help save the amount of plastic waste.