Revoke Priti Patel’s categorisation of ‘unskilled’ hospitality workers

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Laura Christie & Selin Kiazim
Laura Christie & Selin Kiazim signed this petition

Like many we were utterly dismayed at the announcement this week of planned changes to visa requirements for EU citizens. This will unfairly burden an industry we love, a potential loss of not just workers but creativity, culture and diversity. We fear this is the end of hospitality as we know it. 

We would like your support in response to the UK government’s new immigration laws, which under the points system would class restaurant and bar staff as “unskilled.” 

According to hospitality software provider Fourth, if the Home Secretary Priti Patel’s new immigration laws come into effect, the restaurant sector will be the “hardest hit”, as employees are largely made up of what the government deem to be “low-skilled” or “unskilled” workers, making them ineligible for a UK visa.

The aim of this petition is to revoke Priti Patel’s categorisation of ‘unskilled’ workers and to oppose the changes to visa requirements for EU workers. 

Hospitality workers and those in many other "low skill" industries are worth more than an arbitrary amount of points. 

Thank you


Selin Kiazim & Laura Christie