Remove everything designed by an artist from Rishi Sunak’s home

Remove everything designed by an artist from Rishi Sunak’s home

6 October 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amelia Pitcher

Following Rishi Sunak’s recent comments suggesting that people with careers in the arts should “retrain and find new jobs”, we are calling on Mr Sunak to disown every piece of art he owns, including anything he owns that has been designed by an artist. We think this will be a step in the right direction, given his current attitude to artists UK-wise. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

- painting / photography / framed art pieces 
- furniture
- pillows, throws, various soft furnishings 
- decor (plant pots, etc.)
- any patterned fabric whatsoever 
- actually, all fabric in general
- which, come to think of it, includes every single item of clothing that Mr Sunak owns.

Given his stance on musicians, we are also calling on Rishi Sunak to commit to an active rejection of all music. If he would like to enter a store, but the store is playing music, he must either procure noise-cancelling headphones (provided they have not been designed by an artist, which, unfortunately, renders this option impossible), or he must refrain from entering the store. 

Finally - and we are considering the possibility that this these are already steps that Mr Sunak is taking - just for clarity’s sake, he will also: 

- never attend a theatre / live performance again
- never attend a concert again 
- never open Apple Music or Spotify unless with the express intention of solely listening to podcasts, provided they have not been recorded in a recording studio or involve any participation from artists whatsoever. 





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Signatures: 8Next goal: 10
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