Remove all plastic packaging from supermarkets

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One of the fastest growing problems of the planet is the pollution created by (single use) plastic packaging. Its devastating consequences are spread across all ecosystems and our wellbeing. Ocean and human life are inextricably intertwined and the negative effects of marine pollution can be easily recognised on human life.
There are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic already in the ocean with an additional 8 million tones entering every year. A horrific example is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (flowing between Hawaii and California) which currently measures at 1,6 million square km (around 6 times as big as the UK). Experts say that by 2050 the plastic trash in the ocean could outweigh the marine species that inhabit it. We ingest micro plastic through the food we eat and breath in dangerous chemicals through polluted air. It is estimated that 70 to 80% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by marine plants. With marine pollution at an all time high where is our oxygen going to come from in the future?
Too busy with our day to day lives and too focused on saving time, increasing profits and market shares we seem to ignore that convenience may cause irreparable damages to our environment and health. Not only to our generation but to the generation of our children and those that will come after that.
One way of reducing plastic waste in the natural environment is removing plastic packaging from the supermarkets. A recent research from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) reports that the top 7 major food retailers in the UK are responsible for selling 59 billion pieces of plastic every year, the majority of which ends up in landfill, incinerated or into the natural environment, with no specific plastic reduction target. Consequently, this contributes to the ever-increasing plastic pollution in the UK and worldwide. 
Upon reflection - are profits more important that the planet we live on? Is convenience worth the negative impact on our health and the environment? Isn’t it high time that supermarkets are being held accountable? Isn’t it time to ban plastic packaging from supermarkets and look for more sustainable alternatives? Do we not care what we put in our bodies and in the bodies of our children?
It does not seem exaggerated to say that humanity and the planet are on the precipice of a disaster should we continue to sit collectively and wait for someone else to solve this problem. One person can do little to nothing, but united together we can take a stand and make a step towards a better and more sustainable future. As a society we have a powerful collective voice and can make that voice be heard - for the wellbeing of each and one of us and of our children, for the flora and fauna, for our planet.
What can we do? We can make our voice heard by our government so they take steps towards imposing restrictions on the use of plastic packaging by supermarkets, putting infrastructure in place and enact relevant legislation.
Don’t just sit in the side lines and accept what is happening as if you have no choice in the matter… stand up with me and all the others who believe that we can indeed make a difference. Sign the petition Remove All Plastic Packaging from Supermarkets- it takes only 1 minute to make a change. It takes less than 10 seconds to share it with your friends on social media and make a difference. We need your signatures.