Reimburse Nurses and AHPs who studied in the UK but did not receive Government bursaries

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In the UK, bursaries of up to £16,454 were given to Nursing and Allied Health Professions students until 2017, before being scrapped by the UK Government. As of 2020, bursaries of up to £8,000 will be introduced to these students - a fantastic and worthwhile new scheme from the UK Government seeking to restore fairness for future healthcare professionals. This will however leave students who studied in the small window between bursary schemes in a huge financial deficit in comparison to their peers in these professions. Students without bursaries often struggled to financially support themselves while working for the NHS free of charge on hospital placements, and will leave University with much larger debts than those who have received, and will receive, bursaries. It is only right that these students should be reimbursed to uphold a fair and balanced financial playing field for those who aspire to work in the NHS of the future.