Raise fixed penalty notices for littering the countryside and beaches to start at £1000.

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Help to preserve and protect our beautiful outdoor spaces, National Parks, and beaches by imposing higher fixed penalty fines for those dropping litter, and lighting barbecues on grass/moorland.

Fixed penalty notices should start at £1000 and be issued more readily, frequently, and proactively.

Recent news reports have shown many of the country's much treasured beauty spots being desecrated by people leaving beer bottles, takeaway wrappers, disposable barbecues and general waste behind. I believe widespread littering across the UK is the worst it has ever been. Our beautiful outdoor spaces are slowly being spoilt, and currently there does not appear to be a big enough deterrent as far as fixed penalty notices, fines and prosecution.

We should all be able to enjoy being outside in ‘green’ spaces whilst respecting the environment, and those who seek to damage it should face much harsher penalties by means of on the spot fines and ticketing. 

Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990) states that it is a criminal offence for a person to leave, drop, throw down, or deposit litter in a public place, and whilst the maximum penalty is currently a £2,500 fine (and a person can be tried in a magistrate's court), the fixed penalty notices only start at between £50-£100, which clearly serves as no deterrent whatsoever.

Fines and fixed penalty notices should start at £1000.