Stop Sodexo from getting away with Manslaughter time and time again!

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Between July 2018 to September 2019, SIX men have lost their right to life due to fundamental inconsistencies and the continuous unprofessional standards of staff employed by Sodexo Justice Services - the private company who hold the contract to run Forest Bank prison, Agecroft Rd, Pendlebury, Manchester M27 8FB. HMP Forest Bank is a Category B local prison although the majority of the inmates are category C.

The abolishment of Capital Punishment in England was implemented 50 years ago, yet companies such as Sodexo seem to think the death penalty for their inmates is perfectly acceptable as despite numerous inquests into the deaths of people whilst in their care, Sodexo are time and time again still failing to provide inmates with the duty of care they are entitled to. The Prison Reform Trust clearly states that prisoners are entitled to humane treatment whilst in custody and the GOV.UK website states that prisoners have a right to standard healthcare provisions.

An unnamed man died at Forest Bank on 1 September 2019

Raymond Lucy, age 63 - died at Forest Bank on 11 July 2019

Michael McDonagh, age 27 - died at Forest Bank on 19 February 2019

John Winchcole, age 36 - died at Forest Bank on 10 September 2018

An unnamed man died at Forest Bank in July 2018

People who commit a crime are sent to prison as punishment for their wrongdoing and are given opportunities whilst in custody to educate themselves, attend support groups and rehabilitate themselves so they can proceed with a normal life upon release. This does not mean that it is acceptable for prison inmates to die due to sub-standard health care, to be managed by guards who have their own set of rules and receive food which would make the Turkey Twizzler seem like a better option. 

When a man dies at Forest Bank prison the grieving family will face a very long delay in receiving a death certificate, they will wait an extortionate length of time for the Coroner's report and are not likely to have a date to attend an inquest until approximately 18 months after the death of their loved one.

The HM Inspectorate of Prisons issued a findings paper in October 2017 which intricately details prison life in the UK and highlights all the inconsistencies inmates have to deal with every day and night. So when you hear the phrase, 'our pensioners would be better off in prison, at least they'd get looked after and fed properly'... I sincerely beg to differ. 

Our UK prison system needs altering drastically, yet despite publishing reports to suggest improvements, inmates are still dying in custody. SIX men have died at Forest Bank prison in less than 14 month. Working class relatives of the bereaved most often lack the finances required to hire solicitors and sue for corporate manslaughter which mean these repetitious deaths are not gaining national or Government level attention. Justice isn't being gained and employees of large companies aren't being penalised for their negligence and distinct lack of ethics. 

Prison inmates at Forest Bank are humans. They are serving time for alleged or actual crime. They were sentenced to a number of months or a few years... They were not - and are not - sentenced to death!

We need a public enquiry to investigate all the wrong doing and lack of healthcare provisions at Forest Bank Prison.

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You never ever expect a family member to make a daft mistake and end up serving a ten month prison sentence. You don't love that person any less because they made a mistake. You are proud when you see how they use prison facilities to educate themselves, attend classes, become proud of their own sobriety and how they attend every AA class provided. You are proud when they become a mentor and help younger, fellow inmates. You look forward to visiting your loved one because some inmates really do turn their lives around, in just a matter of mere months, due to the fear and shock at having received a prison sentence. You count down the weeks till their release, plan a perfect family Christmas, a big family holiday. They plan on attending Andy's Man Club when they come home, they plan on remaining sober, getting married, moving into a new home, creating a 'man shed' and even using their pension money to purchase their, long dreamed of, Camper Van. They have pets who they miss and can't wait to be reunited with. 

Prisoners are real people, with real lives who make mistakes, sometimes many, sometimes just a first offender, either way, they are people who have a right to a duty of care provided by the institution they have been placed in by the British Justice System.

Criminal Justice was served to the men who died at Forest Bank. Now we demand Justice for the men who died due to the crime imposed upon them of corporate manslaughter. 










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