Protect the decent landlords and tenants in the uk

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The law as it stands actually gives tenants the rights to not pay rent,damage property,yet continue to live there at the expense to the landlord . 

Decent tenants can be left to live in unfit premises, as they financially cannot afford to move. 

Under this system the decent landlord/tenant gets the raw deal. 

Once again the government seems to be focusing on landlords, which just turns in to a money maker for them but never improves things for the decent tenants/ landlords.   

It needs regulating where decent landlords /tenants are protected. Landlords should have a right to regain their property,and outstanding rent without the long expensive process,as should tenants have a right to decent living conditions . 

Landlords in some areas are being charged money to apparently make their tenants behave. 

My past experience with bad tenants meant I had the council and neighbours on my back,yet I had no rights to get rid of these bad tenant's without a long expensive process. Just because I am a landlord, I cannot afford to give free accommodation. I rely on my wages just like anyone else.

Make the law fair. Stop classing all landlords / tenants as the same . Protect the decent people.

Please sign this petition to protect the honest genuine people. 


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