Petition to UK Government to include Iceland in Free School Meals Voucher Scheme

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Petition to Sir Malcom Walker, CEO of Iceland, to join the Government’s National Free School Meal vouchers scheme.

We are calling for this on behalf of eight local institutions, representing over 2000 people, in Shadwell, East London.  Many of our members rely on free school meals in order to feed their families. During the Coronavirus lockdown, free school meals have been made available via a voucher scheme where eligible families can download a voucher and use it to do their shop at one of the stores in the scheme.

Most of the local families who rely on free school meals normally shop at our local branch of Iceland in Watney Market, since it is the nearest and cheapest option. However, because Iceland is not a member of the scheme, these families are now having to shop elsewhere at supermarkets which may not offer the same value for money, for example local premium stories, or Waitrose - one of the designated stores -  which unfortunately is much less affordable for our families.   As a local store providing affordable food for the poorest in our community, we want to continue to support Iceland.

We are therefore calling upon the Department for Education to include Iceland in it's scheme in order to allow these families that are struggling to make their money go further, and we know that you have the power to do this.

We are members of the national charity Citizens UK – a community organising alliance of 450 civil society organisations (churches, schools, mosques, synagogues etc) working together to tackle the injustices in our society. We know this is an issue which is affecting our members right across the country.

Thank you, UK Government,  for working hard to create a free school voucher system and trying to ensure families get the help that they need. We look forward to working with you to make sure families on restricted income are able to take advantage of your affordable prices. We want to make sure no-one in Shadwell, or anywhere in the UK, goes hungry.

Shadwell Responds Leadership Team:

Father Peter McGeary (St Mary's Cable Street)
Revd Angus Ritchie (Centre for Theology and Community)
Jim Ford (St George's Estate TRA) 
Janice Hill Kgodo (St Paul's Primary School, Mulberry Girls) 
Phil Warburton (E1 Community Church)
Bethan Lant (St Mary's Cable Street)
Revd Richard Springer (St George in the East)
Imam Khazi (Darul Ummah Mosque)
Sajeda Ahmed (Darul Ummah Mosque & Women 100)
Jusna Begum (Community Leader & Activist)
Kulsuma Begum (Marion Richardson Primary School & Women 100)
Khoyrul Shaheed (Darul Ummah Mosque) 
Terry Bennett (St Paul's Primary school) 
Philippa Cook (St Paul's Shadwell) 
Father Ray Warren (Oblate Retreat Centre, Tower Hill) 
Shermara Fletcher (Open Table) 


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