UK MUST NOT Recognise Jerusalem as Israel's Capital - DO NOT move the Embassy

UK MUST NOT Recognise Jerusalem as Israel's Capital - DO NOT move the Embassy

16 October 2022
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Started by Biah Vesu

Britain claims to treat both sides equally for the Israel-Palestinian conflict when the conflict is not equal as you have an occupying military force colonising the native population who have resided there for centuries.

There is a shocking bias against Palestinians who are facing human rights abuse daily, who do not have the freedom of movement, who are under an apartheid regime as confirmed by a number of reputable international human rights organisations, in every aspect of their daily lives. Palestinian homes are demolished and stolen by Israeli military forces. Places of Worship such as 'Masjid Al Aqsa' and the 'Ibrahimi Masjid' are stormed frequently and desecrated by military forces and settlers. Not to mention the siege taken of the Church of Nativity which was a great disrespect to Palestinian Christians.

The Palestinians did not invade the land (they already resided in it) and they did not abuse the Jews of Europe, yet they are paying the price for a crime they did not commit.

The UK government and in particular Liz Truss is indulging the Israeli governments claim to Jerusalem and all Palestinian land as being theirs to take as a God given right whilst actively disregarding the Palestinians rights to Jerusalem as their capital as recognised in International law. 

It is time to end this shocking double-standard! It is time to end the blatant disregard for Israel continually breaking international law and murdering innocent citizens in a slow, stealthy and systematic ethnic cleansing.

Recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is not only a barrier to peace but a further green light that the abuse of Palestinians and the theft of land is very acceptable by the international community. This was already rescinded by the UN Security Council  who passed Resolution 478 in 1980 as null and void when the Israeli Government at the time tried to name Jerusalem as their capital. With the UK government now trying to change the status quo of this holy city, it would place them in direct violation of International law. 

Israel agreed borders with the Palestinian Authority during the Oslo Peace Accords yet they still allow and support through police and military intervention illegal settlements. Again in direct violation of International laws. 

Jerusalem is a place where there is no peace for the Palestinians within the city - where they are continually assaulted and policed by military within their own homes and places of worship.  People cannot practice their religion freely in Jerusalem or in Israel unless they are a tourist. The reality is that Palestinians are treated as second class citizens in every aspect of their lives by the Israeli Government.  

The UK Government attempts to recognise the legitimacy of the State of Israel despite the state of Israel committing persistent human rights abuses. The UK deny the Palestinians toward self-determination, yet they have a moral duty to support and recognise a two-state solution considering it was the UK interference through the Balfour agreement that has left the indigenous Palestinian people in this dire situation. 

No other sovereign nation would accept South African Apartheid today, yet they turn a blind eye to the Israeli Apartheid. Why the double standards I ask? Is it because not seeing long term peace and stability in the Middle East supports the UK Governments narrative. 

Furthermore, by attempting to move the embassy, Britain is complicit with those that seek to oppress and violate international law and delegitimise the existence of the Palestinians as a people.

Many nations are being intimidated from doing the right thing morally because of the threats of violence and anger by those who support Israel and the Pro-Zionist agenda. By forming a foreign policy that supports this agenda, the UK government is turning its back on the victims of this region and showing complete disregard to International UN Resolutions. 

In 1917 Britain paved the way for oppression by promising one people from Europe land and promising another (the residents residing there for centuries) independence. The Palestinians have the simple need to survive but their homes are being stolen and their basic rights need to be given to them.

Almost one hundred years on, Britain must recognise the reality of Jerusalem that almost half of the worlds population, Christians, Muslims and Jews have a stake in the Holy City and that moving towards a decision to increase the opportunity for already stolen land becoming larger,  will only create disaster and further political instability for the whole region. 

Now is the time for the United Kingdom to correct the mistakes of its past by not making such a geo-politically insensitive decision that will only worsen the case for a people who have already gone through enough in the last 70 years.

Liz Truss making statements about being a 'Massive Zionist' will not help stability or peace in the region, and as the Prime Minister of the UK she should be taking a neutral stance on the mess the UK Government created


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Signatures: 307Next Goal: 500
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