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Emily meets Cuban dissident, Joani Sanchez

Lucien Taylor
Oxford, United Kingdom

May 24, 2013 — This week, the Stockholm Internet Forum on online human rights focused on the plight of bloggers who use the Internet to highlight injustice on the part of governments or public authorities.
Joani Sanchez, of the blogsite Generacion Y, spoke of the daily harassment she and others suffer, for writing the truth about living under the regime of Fidel Castro. She said that the worst is:
“The character assassination, and the social isolation. That you see people who were your friends turn away, and avoid you.”
This is from a person who has been kidnapped, beaten, and whose blogsite regularly sustains distributed denial of service attacks.
Any whistleblower will recognise the sense of isolation that Joani describes as a result of speaking up and trying to change things for the better. The difference is - we live in a democracy!
The current law is not working. Please sign, circulate and help to change it.


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