Make it compulsory for supermarkets & stores to clearly label Halal meat.

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Halal and other meat which has been ritually slaughtered in the UK (either by pre-stunning or non-stun) is not clearly labelled in supermarkets and stores across much of the country.  This means that without knowing it, British people may have consumed Halal meat.  Consumers deserve to know what they're buying and should be granted the opportunity to make more informed choices.  

IMPORTANT NOTE; Signing this petition will allow you to receive updates on the food project I'm currently working on where we can work to tackle this issue.  The project consists of a web and app-based service which will allow non-Halal food businesses to better advertise themselves to you, the general public.  That way, we can all make more informed choices on where to eat and where to buy food, as we'll know for a fact we aren't funding the Halal and Kosher slaughter business in the UK. 

Updates and opportunities relating to this project will be released soon.  If you could share this petition with your friends and family, I'd appreciate it.