Justice for the children who are failed by the system!

Justice for the children who are failed by the system!

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Started by NB Brammer

Baby P, Violet Mullen and Arthur Labinjo-Hughes!

These are just 3 precious, defenseless children who have died in the hands of those who supposed to simply love and protect them!

All 3 of these children's deaths were 100% preventable! All 3 had red flags and all 3 were failed by the services put into place to keep them safe.

How many more children need to suffer before something changes


Social services and the police are never held accountable for their failings. They simply use words to say "sorry we will change". How many times have we heard that? Nothing ever changes and more young lives are lost. 

This is what I propose

Firstly the training these "professionals" receive needs to be completely reviewed because this clearly is not to the standard these children deserve, then the people who fail these poor children by ignoring or not doing their job as trained should be held accountable and charged with negligence and sentenced accordingly. Until we bring in criminal charges the failings will continue

Please show your support to these children who have been failed and help to protect the children of the future who might without change continue to be abused, murdered and failed by the system.



5,290 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!