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Introduce the law of murder/manslaughter of a domestic animal.

To deter people from killing their own or other people's pets.

Did you know there is no adequate law at present, to stop anyone killing a domestic animal, their own or someone else's?

Last month a man stabbed my beloved dog 23 times. the veterinary came but could not save him. He died in agony a short while after.
The police could do nothing to prosecute the man.

This is not an isolated incident. 3 months ago another man half staved his dogs, broke one of their legs then poured gasoline over them and set fire to them. He was also not prosecuted.

A woman had her dog stabbed 21 times during a robbery. The dog survived. No body was prosecuted.

The R.S.P.C.A. do their best to prosecute people for cruelty to an animal. But they are only a charity, relying on donations. And don't have an real powers. It would be imposable for them to prosecute everyone.

Let's change the law.

1) Make the Dog/Cat licence compulsory. (Then is can then be withdrawn.)

2) Make killing a domestic pet illegal. (As it is with protected wild animals.)

3) Give the R.S.P.C.A. greater power to bring prosecutions against people who torture or kill animals.


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