Increase the UK Customs Duty threshold for members of the public

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For some time now the people of the U.K. have paid VAT and Customs Duties on products purchased from outside of the EU.

While Customs Duties are not charged until the value of items - including postage - is above £135, VAT is charged on goods (not gifts) if their value is above £15.

When these values were put in place the value of the Pound Sterling (‘£’) was much better than it is now. As the value of the £ has reduced, the amount we are able to purchase has also reduced.

I recently made a $20 purchase which cost £15.22. As the value of the purchase was 22p more than the threshold, I was charged £3.99 VAT and £8 for a handling fee.

While these charges can be easily swallowed by corporations, individual members of the public can be adversely affected by having to pay (on this occasion) more than 50% more for the product they purchased.

I would like to petition the HMRC and the U.K. Government to raise the threshold for Customs Charges for members of the public in order to help U.K. Citizens to purchase items that are not available to purchase inside of the U.K. or EU.