HS2 Train-£106 Billion cost & Environmental death​.​ Have your say! Save the NHS.

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Danielle C
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In a time of great crisis, which has seen the world fall to its knee's, with countless people suffering, out of work & our country nearing economic crisis, the UK Government, has today (15/04/20) given the Green light to start construction of the HS2 highspeed trainline, at a cost of £106 BILLION pounds of taxpayers money.

HS2 is a high-speed train link between London & Birmingham. A trainline already exists for this route, with Virgin trains running a daily, direct, fast link service.

The impact of this new train line has been proven to be both economically & environmentally devastating.

At least 106 Ancient forests will be decimated, protected wildlife area's removed, construction & running the link will damage the environment further but most importantly, in a time where we are being told we are nearing a recession, the NHS is on the brink of collapse & people are losing their homes & employment, do we need to be wasting such important funds on a train link, where one already exists? Where this money could be ploughed into supporting the people & workers of this country at such a devastating time?

Mr Boris Johnson's life was recently saved by the NHS & its staff members, so, how about we now help them too?

Please sign for Change & for this money to be put where it is needed & not for a train line that will devastate the economy, the environment & only save 30 minutes on train time's on a line that already exists!

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