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UK Government, House of Commons: Ban the sale and re-sale (second hand) of Real Fur in the UK

Im disgusted to see that in this day and age, wearing real fur has yet again become a fashion trend. A score of celebrities and public figures have been photographed wearing real fur which is setting a bad example to their fans/admirers. We have plenty of other resources and materials to make clothes from, therefore absolutley no need whatsoever to be murdering innocent animals and skinning them for their fur. Apart from this, anyone who wears real fur looks like a trollop, it isnt a flattering look as the fur looks rotten on anything but the animal that was born with it. Someone willing to buy and wear real fur needs educated on where that fur actually comes from and the process involved in making their precious item of clothing, particularly with celebrities who seem to think they are untouchable and dont have a problem sending the message to tens of millions around the world that real fur is not only OK but cool to wear. This is NOT acceptable. We need to be setting an example to the rest of the world in that we will not tolerate real fur being produced, sold or re-sold (second hand) in our country.Explain why someone should support this petition

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