Honours without Empire

Honours without Empire

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Started by Amrish Pandya

Many British Citizens are unable to accept Honours decided by the Government and given out in the Queen's Honours Lists each year, because of the term 'British Empire' in their titles.

Can't we have a parallel set of Honours such that the recipient can choose to accept a version of a particular honour without the term 'British Empire' in its name.

Many people,  not just those of BAME backgrounds, find the idea of the British Empire to be anachronistic at best and is offensive to many.

Many people of BAME extraction have turned down honours in the past and so the honours system has not fully recognsed the tremendous contribution these people have made to our society. We need to put this right. Examples are Bejamin Zephaniah and Gina Martin.

Young people from all backgrounds need to see people like them recognised by the state. They will then feel they have a real stake in this country and be spurred on to putting their hearts, souls and imaginations to the service of the common good.

20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!