Hands off our BBC

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The newly elected government is already threatening to take action against the BBC, including the decriminalisation of non-payment of the license fee. The BBC, whilst it has many faults, is an institution that many millions of Britons rely on for information and entertainment. It is a highly valued, highly regarded, and to many, much loved and invaluable part of the British way of life. That’s why I’m calling for the government to leave the BBC the way it is and not make any changes that would result in less public funding. 

I’m a 65 year old pensioner and the BBC has been a valuable source of information and entertainment my whole life - as it has been for millions of people in the UK. Due to it being an impartial public service, the BBC can’t stand up to the government on this. So this is why I’ve started the petition - because we the people need to defend the BBC for ourselves and for future generations. 

The BBC has a prestigious reputation around the globe, reflecting cherished ideals of fairness, impartiality, and democracy. These values have become ever more important in recent years and are ever more under attack. The BBC is a symbolic example, along with the NHS, of the values we hold dear.

We say 'no' to political interference and to endless adverts! We say 'no' to being left in an arid landscape of commercially driven, politically biased media! We say 'yes' to the greatest possible independence of the beeb. So please sign my petition to say HANDS OFF THE BBC to political parties of any persuasion!