Get Theresa may OUT!!

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There's a may released a statement by video following the Alfie Evans court case stating

She would like to inform parents 'getting too attached to their children' that they need to keep in mind the UK is the actual legal parent and the kids are simply on loan to them until the state decides it their time to die.

"We are gracious enough to let them reside with you and you to make lots of decision in their day to day live but when the rubber meets the road we just want you to remember the almighty state straight up own's your kids and will do with them as we will"

"We make all the big decisions and you have pretty much zero say when it come right down to it. Just keep that in mind and stay in your place"

The prime minister further reminded britains that they gave up their rights to make major decision's in their household when they decided to hand over control of health care, social security, education, gun and free speech to the government.

This woman is disgraceful and needs to step down and let someone who doesnt think their god gift, letting the power get to their heads and with care and compassion step up!!

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