Extend the Kickstart Scheme to continue helping young, disadvantaged, unemployed people

Extend the Kickstart Scheme to continue helping young, disadvantaged, unemployed people

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You may be aware that the government introduced the Kickstart Scheme back in September 2020 with the intention of supporting young people at risk of long-term unemployment, who are struggling with the job hunting process due to the impact of Covid-19.

Additionally, it's evident that many young job seekers struggle with confidence and lack experience and much more, which results in their job applications not being taken seriously. The Kickstart Scheme tackles those insecurities and supports young people to develop their knowledge, experiences and skills through a structured role at the organisation. 

“Before [the Kickstart scheme] I was really shy and I wasn’t really open with people. Now I feel more confident for sure”.

The government set aside £2 billion with the intention to create 250,000 new job opportunities for young unemployed job seekers. However, as of 22nd July 2021, only 50,000 jobs had been filled, which makes organisations like Miss Macaroon, question whether the government will actually create 250,000 new job opportunities before the Kickstart Scheme ends in December 2021. Organisations like Miss Macaroon have dedicated a lot of their time and resources into running Kickstart Schemes to help those who are disadvantaged, and don't receive the same opportunities as most people. If the scheme is scrapped as planned, then these organisations won't have the resources or funding to help those who need the most support. 

“I feel like I’ve improved a lot. This time last month I was not as confident as I am talking with people, in a one-to-one meeting or in joining a large group to discuss business ideas”.

This change will not only help young people who are struggling to find work but will help reduce unemployment and poverty rates. Currently, Miss Macaroon runs a Kickstart Scheme and aims to hire unemployed individuals, who have 3-5 barriers that are restricting them from finding workplace opportunities. These Barriers can include but aren’t limited to being homeless, being on the autistic spectrum, being a carer for a dependant, mental health issues and more. 

The purpose of this petition is to raise awareness of the Kickstart Scheme, in order to highlight the social impact Kickstart has on young disadvantaged people. We hope to highlight the positive impact the scheme has had on Kickstart employees’ lives, by highlighting knowledge, experiences and skills they’ve learnt throughout the placement. 

“I believe that I have built up my resilience, time management, patience and ability to work within a team...I have been able to learn new skills quickly and effectively”

Benefits of the Kickstart Scheme: 

  • Employees gain first-hand paid experience in the workplace, which can then be added to their CV.
  • Employees begin at the same time as the rest of their Kickstart cohort, and possibly have the same level of experience, crafting a team atmosphere from the beginning.
  • Employees are supported by their organisations, who strive to be understanding and non-judgemental.
  • Employees are given opportunities to use their initiative and have responsibility, learning valuable skills in the process, early into their employment. 
  • Employees are given constructive feedback which allows them to grow in their roles and areas they can improve upon.

Employees can learn new skills, as well as build upon existing skills they may not have even known they had, becoming a more confident and work-ready individual.
Ideally, Miss Macaroon hopes to use national news coverage and this petition to get the topic of extending the Kickstart scheme discussed in the Houses of Parliament. This can ultimately result in the government recognising the social impact the scheme has on young people, and extends the scheme for organisations similar to Miss Macaroon that offers opportunities for young unemployed job seekers with 3-5 barriers. 

If we are able to get the scheme extended, we can continue supporting those who are often left behind and aren’t given the same opportunities as candidates with 0-3 barriers.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!