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Adam Tugwell started this petition to UK Government and

The Lockdown is creating a hidden crisis that will affect YOU, ME, and EVERYONE else across the UK. 

This very real crisis will be much bigger and go on for much longer than Coronavirus if the Government does not begin to END THE LOCKDOWN NOW.

·     Job Losses
·     Lay offs
·     Business closures
·     Debt
·     Depression
·     Mental Health Issues
·     Domestic Violence
·     Abuse & Safeguarding Issues
·     Bankruptcies
·     Administrations
·     Suicides

- are ALL on the rise since the COVID-19 Lockdown began.

Issues such as these that people like you and I are facing RIGHT NOW are just the beginning.
Otherwise avoidable life problems will rise in number EVERY DAY that the UK is in full Lockdown.
Very soon, this personal crisis for people that is going on behind closed doors is going to break into the open.

This is going to become an economic catastrophe that is going to hurt us ALL financially and emotionally at some level.

For many of us, the impact will be life-changing in every sense possible.
We must support the NHS. But the overall cost of treating Coronavirus whilst it affects a comparative few by simply shutting down life for EVERYONE else has already become too high.
PLEASE EVERYONE - LET'S BEGIN TO END THE LOCKDOWN NOW so that those who are left alive are left with lives to live.

TO READERS & VISITORS: You may not feel able to sign this Petition or even share it openly because what we are hearing on the media suggests it will be unpopular to do so. Please be brave if you have the slightest inkling that you can. The Government CAN manage the response to COVID-19 better in a way that supports the NHS and those who are ill - whilst NOT setting everyone else up for a massive fall. If you don't feel you can sign or share openly, please tell everyone that you can because the great many people who have a feeling that this whole Crisis isn't just about the medical response and protecting the NHS need to know they are not alone. They need to know they are right.

Please SIGN and SHARE and let's make the Government aware!

Thank you for your support!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5!
At 5 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!