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UK Government & Dubai Authorities: End the wall of silence around missing Leading Seaman Timmy MacColl #bringTimmyhome

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Leading seaman Timmy MacColl went missing on the 27th of May while serving his Queen and country onboard HMS Westminster, which was docked in Port Rashid in Dubai. He was last seen in Rock Bottom Club on Saturday 26th May around 11:30pm on clear CCTV images. He was wearing blue checked shorts, deck shoes and a red t-shirt with a print on the front. He is believed to have left in a taxi around 2am the next morning to return to the ship and has not been seen since.

Timmy's family have endured 33 long and painful weeks of not knowing where he is and with little communication from authorities about the investigations to find him.

That is why we are calling on the UK & Dubai authorities to provide the family with the much needed answers about the ongoing investigation to find Timmy.

The authorities in Dubai have been following leads and did a great job in the beginning with the search but there have been too many long spells with no contact at all, little communication and few updates on the investigation. Worse still the UK authorities have provided little communication to the family who have no idea about what is being done to find Timmy.

As the weeks pass by the communication continues to deteriorate and no one is willing to provide updates on the current status of the investigation.

Please join us in calling on the UK Government and Dubai Authorities to end the wall of silence around missing Leading Seaman Timmy MacColl.

We know that unfortunately there are far too many great service men and women who go away from their families and do not return home due to devastating events which prevent this. In Timmy’s case though, it is a bit different, we do not know where he is but as his wife Rachael said in those very early days -- we believe he is missing and wants to be found!

Please join us and sign the petition.


More information about the petition:
The outcome of this petition is to gain enough signatures which could lead to the following events to provide the answers the family desperate seek:

* To obtain timely detailed updates on the investigation, any new leads, number of resources being deployed, follow-ups performed, witness statements taken… etc
* Draw attention to the fact that the communication lines between the family and the authorities investigating Timmy's case need to be increased and that someone needs to be assuring the family that Timmy’s search is important and everything possible is being down to help locate him and bring him home.
* Acknowledgement from the Prime Minister, David Cameron, about Timmy’s case and confirmation of his commitment to help work with the Dubai authorities to find out every ounce of information relating to his disappearance.
* A meeting with the Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond, to discuss the action plans/next steps which are going to take place to locate Timmy and address the serious flaws in the current policy and procedure for when an acting serviceman goes missing on foreign shores.
*For Secretary of State for Defence to also assist in ensuring the Crew Members who last saw Timmy are officially interviewed by the Dubai Authorities.
* Failing all of the above – to debate or have a question raised in the House of Commons where they can really be forced to question what exactly has been done to help find Timmy and what more could be done.

We are not trying to shame anyone or put anyone down - we just are trying to make someone stand up and be accountable to obtain much needed answers for everyone who loves and cares about Timmy and to bring him home.

We hope that this will help convince a few tens of thousands of you lovely members of the public to sign the petition, post it on your Facebook walls, tweet the link and encourage your friends/families and co-workers to do the same.

Please do this for Rachael, Cameron, Skye, Eriskay (Timmy’s Wife and Children), Sheena (Timmy’s Mum), Molly, Colin, Jim, Brenda, Neil, Jacqui, Royston, Lorna, Angie, Nigel, Leanne, Daniel (and many more members of Timmy’s family - sorry for those I missed)

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Thank you x

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