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Dying for a Cure - Stop Profiteering from Cancer

Thank you everyone who has supported the Do More for Cancer petition. This petition has now been superseded by a much larger campaign called Dying for a Cure, which aims to tackle profiteering from cancer. Failings in the current system for developing cancer drugs have led to the system being exploited for financial gain at patients' expense, with huge profits being made on life-saving drugs, despite many people not being able to access them due to their price and the despite fact that donations to cancer research charities were used to help fund development of many of these drugs. Furthermore, as the system is primarily dependent on the private sector, only drugs that can make a big profit are being developed, as there is no incentive to invest in opportunities with little commercial benefits, even if they show promise for patients in the early stages of research. Please help us build public pressure in this important issue by signing and sharing the Dying for a Cure petition.

John Piears
5 years ago