Make Mental Health Awareness Education compulsory in High Schools

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My daughter wants to make a change.  This is her message :- "As a High School Student suffering from Anxiety and Autism (ASD) I struggle immensely with having confidence in school.  It is becoming increasingly evident that there is very little content about Mental Health issues on our timetable.  There have been Life Programme lessons (PSHE) on many important issues but Mental Health has not been one of them.  Having seen Autism used commonly online as an insult - as well as such things as Downs Syndrome etc- and even been told by peers to "man up" when taking time off with Anxiety, (through an admitted lack of awareness); I believe it is very important that there be greater education on Mental Health issues.  I feel it should be a compulsory part of the Life Skills programme as it is so important and increasingly affects so many of us in our High School Years. It is important that students and staff understand more about the various disorders in order to give sufferers the respect and help they need; to help increase understanding and so that people like me will not feel so isolated anymore. Thank you".