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I am on Employment Support Allowance, and have been since a stroke and heart problems, the problem is I am allowed to do permitted work which has very narrow parameters, which have stopped me working, and will probably mean I do not work again all because most part time work is just over 16 hrs at 20 hrs, but if I get a job for that 20 hrs i have to turn it down because I would lose ESA straight away, it is no compromise , which why the 'law is an ass', and needs to be changed to allow people to get back into work, at moment the strict guidelines stop people from getting back into work, and after long illness, people want to get back into work but to go into full time work could be detrimental to their health so we choose to start back in part time work, I was in a zero hour contract job with Guinness Partnership earlier this year, and I was only given 16hrs work a week in last 5 weeks i worked there, and so I gave them the permitted work form to counter-sign, and week later they dismissed me, so what I am asking is for the law to be changed to allow people on ESA to get back into work, there are a number of ways this can be done, to change the 16 hrs and to give discretion to the relevant person who oversees my ESA claim to allow a person too do more hours part time, or even if I pass the 120 pounds I am allowed to earn the difference can be taken off my ESA. Those are two ways if could be changed I am sure you can think of more, as I can.
I hope you can start a private bill to amend the act that our law applies to ESA, it will probably be too late for me, by time it gets through parliament, but it will stop this injustice happening to others.
I will also be sending this to others, as I know you need five mp's signatures to start a private bill.