Carers and Support Workers to be paid MINIMUM £10 An Hour

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Okay, I'm making this petition because I always vocalise my feelings on how poorly carers and support workers are paid but I thought I would at least try and do something about it.
I'm currently a healthcare assistant in a care home and I'm on £8.75 an hour and I know this is the case for most people who work in care having worked in the sector for 4 years. I know that's above the national minimum wage but it's still not well paying.
Especially given that most people who work in care do 12-hour shifts, nightshifts, crazy amounts of sick cover and overtime. This is due to care jobs being so lowly paid that carers are having to make up the hours sometimes working 48+ hours a week and then feel run down and end up off sick from work.
I know a general attitude people have is that carers and support workers don't need a high skill set so why should they get paid more? Well I can tell you from first-hand experience care work is in no way shape or form easy, it's mentally exhausting, physically exhausting and emotionally exhausting. How many of you go to work and risk being hit, punched or have abuse screamed at you? Which is in no way any of the service users faults they can't help it but us carers and support workers take these risks daily. But, despite all those things if you're genuinely compassionate about your job it's all worth it. I personally consider the people I care for like family members and I love my job more than anything in the world I can't imagine doing any other career. 
So I'd like the people who sit and think that people who work in care jobs are somewhat "uneducated" and don't need high skills to do the job that it really takes a certain kind of person to do this job. Carers might not have degrees but they have the patience of saints, hearts of gold and a genuine caring nature. Also, a huge percent of care workers are nursing students who only get £506 a month whilst doing 36-hour week placements, studying and on top of that taking 20 or more hours just to get by.
I just feel as if all you see in the media and news is negative stories about care facilities and these places deserve all the bad press they get but people shouldn't be tarnishing all care places with the same negative viewpoint.

So the whole point in this petition is for it to go to the UK government where I would like them to debate it being a law that all private and public care sectors pay their support staff a minimum of £10 an hour.