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Call a general election

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We the undersigned have no faith in the UK government and want an election before 2015.

- The public sector are seeing salary increases of 1% at a time when it looks like MPs salaries are about to rise by £6000 to £74,000

- Welfare Minister Iain Duncan Smith says The Bedroom Tax is a "great success"
despite evidence that thousands of social housing tenants are behind on their rent and some households are making themselves homeless to avoid further debts,
- Britain's leading medical body has expressed grave concern that the government is planning to privatise large sections of the NHS by stealth – in breach of previous promises to doctors to limit the role of the private sector. Not only that some in the government actually have connections to companies that will profit from this 'privatisation'
- GPs have lost confidence in the ability of the NHS 111 service to triage patients, with only 8% saying they believe the urgent care phoneline is safe for patients. 71% of 440 GPs surveyed by Pulse said that they did not have confidence that the triage at was safe for patients.
- The National Curriculum introduced by Gove is risible to the point where Headteachers at the Delegates at the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) in May 2013 passed a vote of no confidence in education policies
- The changes to Legal Aid will mean vulnerable, poor and innocent people will end up representing themselves - leading to clogged up courts and miscarriages of justice.
- The Welfare to Work Programme is a joke having only managed to get 3.6% of the people on the scheme off benefits and into secure employment in its first 14 months according to a Public Accounts Committee.
- ATOS the company responsible for 'disability assessments' has repeatedly been found humiliating disabled people with their handling of difficult and traumatic injuries and illness. Greg Wood, a former Royal Navy doctor, resigned from ATOS earlier this month, after working as an assessor for two-and-a-half years. He said the system was "skewed against the claimant".
- The work-for-your-benefit schemes were unlawful due to a lack of basic information given to the unemployed. A three-judge panel at the royal courts of justice ruled that the secretary of state for work and pensions had acted unlawfully.
- West Coast Main Line franchise process was a 'fiasco' and cost taxpayers in the region of £40m

- The government is pressing ahead with its plans to privatise the Post Office despite no public backing for it, nor mention of it in its election manefesto

- Many of England's universities and colleges will now charge £9,000 tuition fees a year plus real interest rates for their students – money that will have to be borrowed. Many will borrow more on top, especially those living away from home, to pay for their living expenses. As a result very few students will escape leaving university with debts of less than £40,000.

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