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Ban the Koran

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UK schools are teaching children that the Koran IS a

“holy book that cannot touch the floor, because that is what Muslims believe”....

So by the same logic if 'Muslims' believe that 2+2=5 then 2+2 MUST =5 because that is what 'Muslims' believe & of course anything that the all-important 'Muslims' believe MUST automatically be true no matter what, even it involves the  demonic nightmarish figment of a 7th-century mass-murdering psychopath's sick twisted imagination being 'believed' to be real, & actually being worshipped by clearly psychotic individuals so detatched from reality that it is positively frightening for the rest of us, & yes I for one am not ashamed to admit it.

“holy book that cannot touch the floor, because that is what Muslims believe”.... ?

I find it very appalling that a book which in fact condemns them to death is being glorified in this manner. It is a relevant statistically verifiable fact that the Koran contains more Jew-hatred than Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto “Mein Kampf”; A book which has been banned in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Morocco, Libya, Turkey and Israel because it glorified the aims of the Nazi party.

Muhammad's political manifesto is called 'sharia' & it is defined within the koran which also contains the instructions to advance his military campaign called 'jihad' & the propaganda he used to reinforce his grandiose sense of self-worth by falsely portraying himself as a "prophet". It is worse than Hitler's political manifesto, & what the Islamic State are doing is as bad if not worse than what the Nazis did. They recently sliced a 5 year old child in half. They're burning people alive & torturing them to death in the most gruesome unimaginablly evil painful anguish-causing ways simply because they don't like the fact that they don't believe the figment of the 7th-century psychopath's imagination that they worship is real. The koran is should be banned for glorifying the aims of the Islamic State, just as Mein Kampf was banned for glorifying the aims of the Nazi party. The sooner people wake up & acknowledge this fact the better.


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