BAN the cat, save the bird.

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Each year 27 MILLION innocent birds are brutally attacked and murdered in the UK by aggressive, violent and unprovoked cats. While it may be in the nature of cats to target moving objects, it doesn’t change the fact that they are getting away with a monstrous crime.

Why should one species be allowed to get away with such savage acts of animal cruelty, while the RSPCA investigates 130,700 cases committed by humans per year in the UK alone?

Birds are harmless, defenceless and beautiful creatures that are killed and maimed by aggressor cats, armed with razor sharp teeth and claws in the most painful and torturous ways thinkable for no reason at all.

I therefore propose that the UK Government should bring forward a bill to ban all domesticated cats from public ownership. This should be an imprisonable offence. Cats should only be kept under license in strict conditions, such as in a zoo, just like their cousin the tiger.

There should also be a nationwide cull for feral cats.

Please help me reach this target by signing this petition, and let the innocent birds be heard.